The most beautiful design floors for houses, schools, offices, retail and catering. The way you feel in a certain space has everything to do with the design. Light or dark, warm or cold, sleek or messy; all the aspects have a direct impact on your experience. The basis for this experience is the floor. Are you looking for a design floor, complete floor solution or a renovated top layer? EPI delivers perfection.

EPI design Superbase gietvloer


EPI design floors are a feast for the eye and a pleasure to walk on. It’s therefore easy to understand that more and more home owners are choosing EPI synthetic cast floors. In addition to the aesthetic aspect and the fact that our design floors allow for endless combinations, practical considerations are often also decisive. Synthetic floors are seamless, easy to clean and a perfect solution in combination with floor heating. Synthetic floors are also easy to apply over existing floors. Whether you’re looking for an artisanal look, an industrial appearance or a colourful whole; everything is possible with an EPI synthetic cast floor.

EPI Design Corestone


The floor systems in schools, offices, shops and catering establishment have a lot to endure. People walk on them constantly and chairs, desks or racks and scaffolding are moved on them day in day out. As such, the floor systems must be extremely wear-resistant, but this is not the only requirement posed for design floors in schools, offices, shops and catering establishments. Safety is also important. Safety sometimes involves more than just preventing slips. In schools, offices and larger shops, the floor is in some cases also used for indicating the walk or escape route. EPI understands how important these floors are and supplies reliable floor systems which are in addition to user-friendly also low-maintenance.